Many times, as goalkeepers, we try to choose gloves and see various symbols or features but we don't know what each one corresponds to or what suits us best. That's why we created a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right gloves!

Where will you be playing?

If the pitch is natural or synthetic but in good condition, you can choose a pair with Contact Latex since the impact during falls will be much smaller. Conversely, if the pitch you'll be playing on is not in good condition, it would be preferable to wear a pair designed for greater durability, always with the option to combine them with glove glue!

Is it for practice or a match?

Although every practice is like a match, it's true that during the game, we want to get 100% out of our gloves. That's why we recommend having one pair for matches and one for practice. Once the match pair wears out (depending on the matches, age, fields, etc.), it becomes a "practice pair" and so on.

Under what conditions do you need them?

Weather conditions in which you'll be playing are always important when choosing your gloves. Gloves always indicate the weather conditions they are designed for, so you can get the maximum quality in ball contacts!

What level are you playing at?

In general, gloves are a consumable item. In younger ages, one pair continues to be reliable, used 3-4 times per week, for about 2-4 months. This depends on usage, the playing field, maintenance of the pair, and the goalkeeper's experience (as they grow, they stop lifting their palms off the ground). That's why at a young age, it's recommended to choose cheaper pairs to afford frequent replacements. Later on, we can start choosing gloves designed for maximum quality in ball contacts.

Have you chosen the right size?

Check out the corresponding guide here.

Should I choose customization?

Do you want your pair to be unique? Check out how here!