At Fearless, we often receive questions from the parents of our little friends who, along with their children, enter the unique world of goalkeepers. That's why we created a guide from the most frequent questions to help you choose the right pair!

What glove size should I get?

The choice in glove size should be made after consulting the corresponding size chart. The glove size does not have a direct correlation with the age of the goalkeeper.

How long do football gloves last?

Generally, gloves are a consumable item. At a young age, one pair remains reliable, with use 3-4 times per week, for about 2-4 months. This depends on usage, playing surface, maintenance of the pair, and the goalkeeper's experience (as goalkeepers grow, they stop lifting with their palms on the ground). Therefore, at young ages, it is recommended to choose cheaper pairs to facilitate frequent replacement.

How can I clean them?

You can read our detailed guide here.

What is finger protection?

Finger protection are a piece of plastic that fits on the back of the fingers (not the thumb), providing more protection to the goalkeeper and preventing any injuries. They are especially recommended for ages up to 12, where goalkeepers are still being trained in basic ball handling technique. There is always the option to remove them (detachable).

What is glove glue?

Glove glue is an innovative product from Fearless, which enhances the quality of ball contacts. When applied to the palm, it creates a sticky moisture, thus helping the goalkeeper grip the ball. It can be used in training and in matches, as well as on worn-out gloves to improve their effectiveness. It is necessary to wash the palm after use, so that the material on the gloves does not dry out.

What's the difference in glove cuts?

The cut (roll finger, negative cut, flat palm) refers to the sewing method, mainly in the finger area, and affects how they fit inside the gloves and the ball contacts. It is a personal choice of the goalkeeper, what suits them best, with most goalkeepers using all types intermittently.

What is the thickness of the palm?

The thickness of the palm is measured in millimeters and is the most basic for the quality of gloves. Usually, it is between 3 or 4 millimeters. However, the thickness does not directly affect the durability of the gloves, although there is a possibility that a thick glove may wear out more easily as it is more exposed due to its size.

What is customization?

You may have seen the option for customization on many of our products, but what is it really? Customization or printing is an addition of your choice, allowing the product to display something you choose, such as a name, number, or anything else that comes to mind! See here for the detailed guide.

What model should I choose?

The difference lies in the latex of their palms. PRO pairs have German Contact Latex, while X, V, and I pairs have Giga Grip. In simple terms, PRO gloves have the highest quality in ball contact, but with lower durability against wear and tear, as they have more sensitive latex, as opposed to X gloves, which have very high durability. See here for the detailed guide.