One of the most common questions we receive at FEARLESS is how to clean, store and in general take care of your gloves. Below you will find some suggestions and advice that will help you make your gloves last longer and keep them in a perfect condition for both games and training.

Do not use the same pair of gloves between training and games

As much as every training session is like a game, it is true that in the game we want to get the most out of our gloves. Therefore, we are suggesting that you have a separate pair for the training and the games. Once the games pair warns out, you can start using it in training.

Wash your gloves every time after use

You should wash your gloves after every training session and after every game, ideally using our Glove Soap, so as to remove dirt, mud and black turf stains. For the cleaning, use water at ambient temperature. Make sure to pour some water on the inside of the glove as well, so as to remove the sweat. Once they are clean, wring them and let them dry naturally. This is maybe one of the most important advice for making latex durable! Finally, you should wash your gloves before using them for the first time. This helps remove the material that was applied during manufacturing for protection during storage

Store your gloves in a moist environment

We suggest that you keep the packaging bag provided with the gloves and use it as a storage bag. If you are not planning on using your gloves for several days, wash them and store them in the bag. Make sure the latex is not 100% dry. This way they will be ready for use once you need them and they will not have dried out.

Washing in the washing machine

You can wash your gloves in the washing machine at 30°C, but not too often as it can cause damage to the latex. Using the washing machine every 40-50 days is a good solution for a thorough wash of your gloves, especially on the inside.


It is necessary to wash the palm after use, so that the material on the gloves does not dry out.